Flowers and Hand

Massage Therapy has  been my life for 23 years. Through these years I have taken many courses to upgrade and enhance my technique. Some of these influences have been Shiatsu, Craniosacral therapy, acupressure, Qigong, and Reiki.  I have learned a lot of theories about therapy for the body, some that are clear to me and some that make the body more mysterious than ever.   

What I most love about my work is how all of these influences have allowed me to become very in tune with the person that I am working with. With this connection I can understand what each tissue of your body needs.  This is the reason that I can take people with extremely tight muscles into relaxation and ease people with chronic autoimmune diseases into healing.  Every body is different, every case needs a different approach.  I love bringing people back into a better quality of life.  

Understanding the body is definitely my life's work.  I am looking forward to my next discovery and untangling the vast mystery of our bodies.


Sam Docherty, Registered Massage Therapist