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Kim Fox

I highly recommend the RAPID treatments. I have been battling a shoulder injury since November of 2019. Before coming to see Sam, I had done a year of massage, chiro, physio and cortisone injections trying to get relief in my shoulder. After just two treatments I couldn't believe the range of motion we were able to achieve and the pain in my shoulder was at least 80% better. I can't wait for a few more treatments to be back to a normal life not avoiding using my shoulder.

Debbie Boyce

I have had many massages prior to seeing Sam, I often had more pain after those massages but I never felt any relief. When I first starting going to Sam in 2014 for massage therapy I had pain in pretty much every area of my body, With Sam’s massages I started to feel better & found that the pain was becoming less. As the pain became more manageable, I was able to start doing more things. I learned a lot from Sam regarding the muscles in my body & how to stretch or relax some of those muscles. I feel as though Sam’s massages have allowed me to enjoy my life again.

Michelle May

If you have any kind of pain going on and massage doesn’t cut it,  I very highly recommend you try RAPID.  I started to see Sam a few weeks ago and I feel so much better!  I went from not lifting my arms from my side up past my shoulders to moving my arms up above my head  after 2 movements. It’s so crazy and I feel fantastic. You’d be crazy not to give it a try. 

Kathy Reid

I first came to Sam with a shoulder that had been in pain for months, diagnosed as a rotator cuff tear. I’d tried physiotherapy and chiropractic without much progress. 

Sam had been recommended by a friend who’d had great success with her treatment for tendon problems in the foot. When a break in physio arrived, I called to see if Sam might be able to help my shoulder.

Over the next few weeks of treatment, Sam was able to loosen shoulder muscles that had been cramped up for months. The relief was fast, and the results are lasting. Whether or not the rotator cuff was the problem, my shoulder is now in good working order.

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